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Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Q: “biggest fantasy?”
A: Several black babies inside me #pregnant from all weekend gangsta blk breeding cum pumping #anonymously seeded by countless blk men’s superior sperm 72 hrs of perfectly timed ovulating cycle for breeding and so many black men coming & bustin inside me and leaving/coming back… so many it seems coordinated b/c it’s non-stop thick swellin wetness - stretching me to new levels the entire time, always packin more of that super black sperm deep inside my fertile womb thats so xtatic 2 get black seeds @ ripest stage they tingle more and more w/ each pump/dump of warm black semen filling up my uterus by another black stranger’s sperm donation, after each pull out, i clinch my cervix and hold my hips high, puttin ma bk into holdin that cum inside my womb till the nxt n quickly, black dicks SHUV’n in my eager white pussy!
To add to the fantasy, would like part of the 72 hour breeding to be outside in public gangbanging me in a ghetto ally, street or sidewalk.. throwin me up against the fence and niggas see several bruthas bustin my guts - using me - so they come ova too, strangers off the streets of detroit, ghetto thug dark black men, huge muscles, thick, long BBC (ss) and balls so full they r hangin down half wy to they knees, several of em cum up to me while i got 3/4/5 blk dicks in me already & start shoving their meat inside - rippin my ass, fucking my face w/ 3 blk cocks- shoveling them as deep they can push it, & 6 tryin to stuff my tight ass white wet pussy - as many as they can push / force inside me, alternating too … (one long & deep, then one long thick & swellin w/poppin veins SLAMS his huge dick thru my cervix) .. then another squeezes… All cumming inside me and all over me - soaking my face, clothes (ripped), hair, makeup running down my face - SATURATED W/ BLACK MEN’S CUM INSIDE&OUT
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